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December 01, 2003

University, Anarchy and the Outside World

University, Anarchy and the Outside World

non graded notes by wallaby poors
Can University make you mad?

University has an image of a thinking institution but has it an Orwellian twist?

"Perhaps the thought police learned from the bleakness of the world in George Orwell’s novel 1984 and decided to glitz life up Las Vegas style,

while we all suffer the fate of the lost Las Vegas gamblers, gambling our lives on white goods, choking on our mass collection of plastic bags, as the state makes mind boggling amounts of poisonous weapons of mass destruction" Sustainable Snail 2003

University is state sponsored education and
in an Orwellian text would be the Department of Truth, the home of the thought police.

Where does anarchist thought fit in the state university world. ?
Anarchists are aware of the hierarchy present in our society and its impact on the world.

Universities appear dictated by
hierarchies of power and knowledge,
privilege and exclu$ion,
with knowledge only for the benefit of greedy corporate arrangements
and not for the seeking of truth
the cold regal vice chancellor rule is by
market force,
(( known as capitalism, ))

"There is many a repeated lecture hall line on reformism from
capitalist apologists and sympathisers".Havy A. Brain,1996

There is no room for revolution in university curriculum
but is there room for revolution at university?
It has happened before,
( Amazingly forgotten but true! university students were killed in Papua New Guinea 2 years ago during largescale protests against IMF and World Bank policies)

(the place that hides the genocide (not so) nicely swept under the rug )
“Australia�, historically founded in the great white lie,
will perhaps not be forever without reason to have revolutionary circumstances created.

"Once a significant number of people get so fucked over they will revolt."
Joe Wombat, 2002

The state has to gamble on how much it can take and how much it can break the people without the people fighting back and breaking the state.

Apart from making the free marker freer, Restricting funding to universities, schools, kindergartens, creches and hospitals also aids in stopping the people fighting back. Underresourced universities will give less power to people

knowledge is power

Restricting education “benefits so students have to work more will also reduce time for revolutionary thought. It is similar to how they are making workers work longer

"until they look up from their work and think Hey I am being screwed over!"
Casey Cucumber,1999

the class war at university has been restricted by its upper class legacies.
And as full fee places double, I don't want to sit in class and learn about slavery with multiple clones from
"Is this whole idea too much for you to deprogram your well held beliefs in democracy, university and the American way?" Get with the Program Joe, 2004

Manage This!!! #$$%^^&&!!!

Notice how if there are social or environmental problems,
(Which seem to be everywhere/all over the place/kind of the doing something about it time is now)
these problems need to be managed and you are to be a trainee manager of these serious problems in society. You are going to be it when the university gives you the piece of paper and you go and be it, the “manager� of what it says on your piece of paper

But the problem that you are to manage just never goes away and often gets worse The problem is going to keep happening because that is just the system that we live in. And now that problem is part of the system, but the system is really the problem

And now it is a multiweaven global connundrum system.

So must work at finding solutions, something that be juggled with the system that you must in when you graduate to jobhood.
So you just wrap yourself in red tape, (=) that is really stained the colour of bloody apathy. You just watch, and feel numb now, wiser and stupider.

"The revolution would not work well with the new kitchen tiles" Yoolie Yuppie, 2000.

The system has silently hacked and lobotomised you without you even knowing.
And when you find out, you will SCREAM but it is too late now as noone can hear you
and noone can hear anyone except the disharmonious drones of the system

But as you state the easy sum of 1 plus 1 equals 2, or capitalist growth equals planetary devastation, the teacher will shrug and say it is the system. So if you can’t REVOLT what can you do?

Does the teacher think Twiddlling your thumbs at university thinking about it is not as productive as being a slave to market forces? Or do they acknowledge in some way or another that it is indeed revolution that is needed, but cannot express acknowlegement fully in their role as “tutor� or “Lecturer�? Have they gotten jaded? Do they just need a big bear hug?

For all the valuable knowledge and wisdom the teachers have gained, the less the agenda of the corporatised curriculum makes their knowledge useable to the student in the outside world.

And so it isn't just that they are hiking up your fees exponentially and selling your degree to the highest bidder

The more confrontational flavour of the modern thought police known as the “Corporations� are likely to restrict feer flowing and alternative thinking than the governmental based state.
Corporations and states are one and the same
but under free trade, corporations gain even less regulation over their destructive activities

University is about becoming enmeshed in a role or a “job� of the state.
Indeed university, whether it is really folklore or fact, is supposed to be a foundation in society of freer thought.

But think too hard at university and it might hurt.

You may feel that the world is completely screwed. The combination of hours at the pub with your uni mates, and increasing realisation that the planet is fucked by these baddies, the same ones that rose your hecs fees, is a likely cause of another bout of depression.

The revolutionary vanguard seems the only way but seems very lacklustre with just your two drunken buddies looking for some kind of revolution or escape valve from the next “boring university lecture�

So everywhere the pressure is to conform back into the system that you were born into, that system you were taught poorly in, and had to blindly feel around in to interpret “the meaning of life�
“reformism “, “Kidding ourselves� is embraced as the false idol that it is in university doctrine

"Negotiations with corporations is similar to saving one of your fingers and letting them cut the other nine off"Sustainable Snail, 2004

. The choices are never granted to us to make in this situation, so our choice is whether we should act to change this situation

Reformism, while lending further legitimacy to the state mafia, also keeps a greater “status quo" on further oppressive state moves. It is like the wardrobe pushed up against your front door, trying to avoid the incoming corporate onslaught.

University is based in reformist dogma. Tutors are supposed to teach us the ways of the state,
but encourage us to be critical to a certain point. Step over that point and there is no return. Tutorials are not designed for you to examine truthful concepts of our perception of reality. They are designed to facilitate and manufacture state written “truths� of what we can and can’t do. The final limit of the boundary we are allowed to venture to.

The revolution will not appear on a university timetable

University is a place of thought and knowledge advancement, so we are “led to believe�. Being led to beliefs usurps expressing beliefs freely. There is no freedom for anarchist concepts like rejecting hierachial “leaders’

University is a state sponsored institution of how to fit into the state, not smash the state. Anarchist principles are rejected blindly when you are in the belly of the beast, (or state) and it is not appropriate to question the role of the state, and it is even more not appropriate to question the necessity of the state.
Some basic rules of nature mixed with a generous dose of fairness are ridiculed as “ludicrous� “troublemaking� “radical� or the province of the unwashed bleeding heart ferals.

University is a threat to one’s mental health Because while it may appear that thinking outside the square is encouraged, actually thinking outside the square never fits into the curriculum. If sheep were to go to university it would be similar to university in 2004. Yes Sir Yes Sir Three bags full Sir Baa Baa Baa

"The question remains : when will we wake up from the virtual realities we have learnt at school and on tv, which are both institutional learning facilities teaching us how to fear, how to be ashamed and how to be normal" Sustainable Snail, 2003

How can we learn about the real world and how to solve the problems of our world when (the decision makers) University Councils have the same CEOs sitting on them as the corporate boardrooms creating our world's problems? When will the Economics Faculties start counting the real costs of capitalism?

The environment is our physical “reality� as compared to the abstract concept of the “market economy�. An abstract concept is being used and promoted as our best possible reality to judge things by, when it is the biggest rort ever for those who benefit from it.

Universities are massive resource consumers and business lackeys and the lack of true sustainability in the operation of a modern university reflects the lack of true skills in sustainability it is able to teach and project into the outside world.

We are not students of industry. We are citizens of this planet and we need constructive dialogue to find solutions that aren't about making more capital, or dealing with cleaning up the toxins and wastes left after the excesses of capitalism. Universities need to engender learning experiences that teach social justice, benefit communities and help restore the ecological balance.

The student needs some justice on both the practical and purposeful outcomes of their life. We do not want to be fed state propaganda. We cannot afford to ignore the greater problems in our society that we need to learn and talk about more. As we learn more about our environment, our place in it and our own evolutionary history, we can't dispatch from nature and live in an information technology-sphere

"Nature is now idealised as not being where we are. Ecosystems are funny concepts that David Attenborough (kudos) presents on tv“nature specials�, and are disguised in the real world by 7-11s, freeways and gossip magazines. This is a closer “reality� to a generation that inherited the toxic waste build up in the era of 'modern convenience'. Playstations replaced running in the fields as childhood experiences. Nature has been veiled by capitalist thought to be merely a (irrelevant) component rather than the actual essence of our “reality�. There is a failure to recognise that our environment proceeds the ecomonic system, which is percieved, created and maufactured purely by the human species. " Sustainable Snail,2003

The links between university and political and philosophical debate is being quickly eroded by neoliberalism:�, a new breed of fascism with new genetic technologies and weoponry abilities at its disposal Where will the ethical voices be in universities to avoid inappropriate developments of these technologies? Who will research the dangers facing a community when a development threatening it is in a corporate donor's interest? Who can understand poverty when it is only the rich that can afford to study it?

I have no future, I have no job, I am sure to drop out before this brain numbing “education� comes to an end But I feel FREEDOM as I chose to be a loser, and in ironic terms win the freedom of thought.
Many would argue I know too much. Many would say I don't know much at all. But I can only know more when I realise that I don’t really know much at all, apart from this (Fair) certainty

Even after all this horrid examination, similar to staring Freedy Krueger in the face after a mouthful of nodos, that piece of paper seems better than work for the dole. And even better than bomb Iraq for Gulf Syndrome.

"Think for yourself and express your thoughts randomly You can’t always be right but you may not know when you are right until you verbalise it Fuck with the system that has been imposed on you by your parents, your teachers, your boss, your high school fashion police, your university, the current economy that you desperately want to escape from Fuck the puppet masters that hide behind the scenes and suck your vitality on their machine of corporate doom" Sustainable Snail, 2003

Its time to Smash the tute and smash the state

Stop The New World Order before it stops you
A Soil Liberation publication, by Wallaby Poors, printed on recycled paper Copyleft 2004


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